Freshwater Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Imagine arriving  at work each morning to a freshly cleaned office and workplace. No coffee stains on your desk, no dust on your computer screen. A clean, fresh start to the day! At Freshwater, office cleaning is our speciality.  We have the experience and expertise to deliver the high quality of service that our clients have grown accustomed to.

We understand that your office is your second home, and we treat it that way.

Our cleaners are trained to show initiative. If we see something that needs doing, we do it. It all comes down to caring for our clients, and taking pride in our work. This is why we are trusted by some of Australia’s and the world’s leading companies.



We have office cleaning packages tailor made to suit every clients unique requirements starting from as little as $39 per week plus GST.

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A typical office cleaning specification with Freshwater includes:

  • Vacuuming of all floor surfaces
  • Mopping of hard floor surfaces
  • Rubbish removal and bin liner repacement (with liner tied for appearance)
  • Dusting of all furniture, printers, phones, screens etc
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitising of bathrooms, kitchens and lunchrooms (including fridges and microwave ovens)
  • Sanitising of phones, light switches, door and sink handles, microwave and fridge doors, vending machine buttons and all other areas research has shown to be high risk areas for germs and bacteria

At Freshwater we not only have your workplace looking and clean and tidy, we will reduce the risk of illness with our experience and knowledge of risks to workplace health.

We also use this very simple and effective method for the prevention of cross contamination in your workplace.



Ask your current cleaning service about their method for the prevention of cross contamination to ensure you are dealing with a professional company who puts your health and safety as their top priority.